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  1. We’ve been in Vegas 11 yrs & were diggin you guys from day 1. We lived in Chi our 1st 50 yrs. Red Shoes Rick lived not far from our neighborhood in Chi. Been to maybe 100 of your shows. Love everything, your a true 10. May hire you for a private party one day. In Chi we listend to your sound exclusively. We’d love to hear anything by: Buddy Miles, Mitch Ryder, Rascals, James Brown, Prince, Roy Orbinson, Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Journey, Foreigner. I guess it’s classic rock. Every music poll I’ve ever read, the music of the 60’s & 70’s dominated! One day we hope to do something nice for you & the guys. We love ya’s & always bring guests to your shows, God Bless!

  2. Hey guys. Just saw your show for the first time last night and was blown away! It was so awesome to be able to see a group of really talented guys jammin’ together and loving what they do. It makes all the difference to know that you’re not just going through the motions, and that you all have a great time performing for us. The fact that you had a special guest, the singers and strings from Cheap Trick’s Sgt. Pepper show, made it an even more special “first time” for me; they were absolutely incredible! Thanks for such a great evening; I will definitely be a “regular” at your shows. My only problem – you’re only at GVR TWO Thursdays a month! What will I do on the no-show weeks?!

  3. Thursday June 10 th, 2010 show was the best yet, we had over 40 people in our group.Our group doubled in size from May’s show. Thats how quick the word got out! To see you guys jam cause you love it and all the guest singers and performers you bring in is just awesome. Some of the most amazing talent anywhere ever. I brought 2 guests who absoultely had a blast.
    GVR is going to have to start building an addition just to accomodate the extra guests as the word gets out! I know this next show will be standing room only.

  4. Say, I was looking at the GVR website and it looks they have changed y’all’s schedule to JUST the SECOND Thursday of each month. Is that true?

    I am coming out the week of April 25 thru 30th and was planning on catching the Thursday night show..

    Please let me know something..

  5. Last Thursdays show (1/14/10)at GVR was exceptional. Each time the band does “Whippin Post” the better it gets. It was also good to hear more of Jim Buck on vocals in Tony’s absence. Also, thanks for bringing “Vehicle” back into the set.

    This band can play anything… and usually does!!!!

  6. Hey guys, great new video with Ellis Hall.. I am sure wishing I could her a new CD from y’all.. Any chance you are working on a new CD to go along with the new T-Shirts?

    I posted a link to the website and the Youtube videos on my Las Vegas Discussion boards.. Puttin’ out the word about the best damn band in Las Vegas!!

  7. In regards to the November 4th Las Vegas Sun Times article “Station Casinos Scales Back Free Live Entertainment”,I posted a comment on their website which I am copying & pasting for you to read.

    Hey Listen Folks- We are LUCKY that we DON’T have to pay BIG BUCKS to see The Lon Bronson All-Star Band. Each one of these musicians are consumate professsionals and together these musicians throughout the years have become the strongest & tightest musical band playing in Las Vegas today. The Lon Bronson All-Star Band often perform tunes written & performed by other artists,(as do most local bands) but it’s VERY rare when the artist of a well-known song believes that The Lon Bronson All-Star Band are good enough that he/she is eager & honored to have the opportunity to be able to sit in to perform THEIR songs with this powerhouse group! If you don’t believe this, ask such well known artists like Huey Lewis or the band “Tower of Power”! The fact that there are so many well-known artists that have sat in and performed THEIR original songs with The Lon Bronson All-Star Band for just the sheer joy of being able to perform THEIR songs with such a gifted group of musicians confirms The Lon Bronson All-Star Band are truly stars themselves! Plus, if you happen to go see The Lon Bronson All-Star Band perform on the right night, there’s a pretty good chance you might get treated to a something little extra & be able to watch a performance with a surprise “guest” musician that would normally cost you REALLY, REALLY BIG BUCKS to go see them perform on his/her own stage.

    Posted by evebarr on 11-4-09 at 7:59 am.

  8. Just looking to see if you will be playing Thanksgiving weekend anywhere. I met Lon at the Tower show at the Suncoast a few years ago. I have seen the band for years and I will be in Vegas Friday through Monday night and was hoping you had a gig.

    All the best

  9. Lon – we were out to see you again on July 16th 2009 and just wanted you to know that again – you all rocked the house. Really enjoyed Rocko from TOP as well. That was special to see. We are wanting to come back out in January to see you all again – will you be playing there Thursday January 28th, 2010? Gale and I are going to be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary and thought that would be a great way to celebrate. OH – did you get a chance to see the DVD of the “Rising Suns” that we gave you? Keep on Rockin’

    Johnny K and Gale
    Land of OZ — Kansas

  10. Sorry guys I haven’t seen you in person, only clips on YouTube. But I want to let you know that I’m impressed. We found you after doing a search for a former BGHS classmate, Tom DeLibero. (And, Tom, I’m glad that you haven’t loss your chops after all of these years!)

    Keep it up and take it to the next level!


  11. Had a great time last nite @ GVR! My friends had been talking about this great band and how we needed to get out to hear them. So happy I finally made it. Look forward to more Thursdays @ Ovation.

  12. It was really GREAT to see all you guys again – it has been way too long and I didn’t realize how much I missed hearing and seeing you! Hope to be back soon and keep up the good work – sounds fab!
    PS. Thanks for the Monkeys tune …. even though Drew did a good job I missed Tony LOL!
    XOXO from NY-
    Lauren >”<

  13. Thanx again Lon, for all the Great Music. Continued success
    P.S the dancers are always HOT…..!!!!!!!!!! and have succeeded in taking ten years off all of us.

  14. Just when I think the band can’t get any better, you blow my socks off.. Lon.. Last Thursday was the best show EVER.. Unbelievable guests, and as always great musicians and vocalists.. People can’t see anything like this live anymore..except when you’re in town! I’m not wearing any socks this week!

  15. WOW! We attended the Bobby Vinton show yesterday, June 13, 2009, at the Cannery. The Lon Bronson band was the back-up for Mr. Vinton. Not only did we enjoy Bobby Vinton, but the Lon Bronson band was the very very best. Thank you for the best night ever. Will check out the GVR to enjoy the band on Thursday evenings.

  16. It is pure joy to hear a group of accomplished musicians play it tight and do it right! I only wished that they would play each & every night!


    Only problem you got; you all TOO GOOD! That is my new name for the band, TOO GOOD.

    GVR a great venue and the band has never sounded better. A triumph.

    The best band in show business!

    Love from Canada

  18. without a doubt,the best band in las vegas and its environs.—-this crew can play any music style,and play it great.—oh,the dancers are a great addition adding some spice.hey ron,lets have some 5 minute solos of your ace drummer mark barrett–see ya thursday at the OV.

  19. hey guys, I’ve been following you guys since the Riviera days. Thank you for all the great music and memories thru the years. See you again, soon.

    Richard and Joanne, Murrieta, CA

  20. great show, will make this a regular Thursday stop when I am in town. The venue at GVR in incredible and my thanks to them for hosting…

    PS think about doing more Rare Earth stuff like “Born to Wander” and “What I Say”, a good fit with your style…

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